My name is Chris Marshall from Austin, TX, the live music capital of the world.   My mission is to create a safe and inviting atmosphere for people who want to have a good time without alcohol.  We will offer live music, a vibrant, upscale environment, and sober drinks that you won’t find anywhere else.  From happy hour to last call, Sans Bar will offer a safe, sober space to make authentic connections with people just like you.  What we strive to create is the environment which will inspire our guests to engage in sober fun and to become the best version of themselves.  I have been sober since February 16th 2007, and Sans Bar is a perfect combination of my passion for celebrating life, and work experience in both counseling and hospitality.

The inspiration from Sans Bar comes from my work as a counselor.  Time and time again, clients shared the struggle of finding a place to go that is fun, and energetic but safe for those who want to have a great night without alcohol.  I’m saddened by the loss of so many celebrities, friends and family members who felt like there was no place for them to turn.  I work tirelessly in memory of those wonderful people who are no longer here to experience an abundant life.


Why a bar without alcohol?

Think about it, you can drink alcohol practically anywhere. People don’t go to bars just to drink alcohol, and what people are actually paying for won’t ever show up on the tab at the end of the night. The product bars sell to the customer is the atmosphere- the energy, the music, the opportunity for connection. We believe that Sans Bar can provide the bar experience without the booze.

I drink (or do drugs), can I still check out Sans Bar?

You don’t have to be sober for life, just sober when you visit Sans Bar. We ask that you respect those from whom the presence of alcohol or drugs is a trigger. If we suspect a guest is under the influence, they will kindly be asked to leave and return when they are sober. If alcohol or drugs is consumed or brought into a Sans Bar event, you will be asked to leave and must speak with our owner before returning. We are pretty laid back, but our first objective is to make sure we offer a safe, sober environment.

I still don’t get it why have a bar that doesn’t serve alcohol? Seems pointless.

We respectfully disagree here. For people that don’t struggle with substance abuse, it may seem as if a sober bar is just another coffee shop. People in recovery, people who just don’t drink, and folks seeking a healthy alternative to the traditional bar scene – deserve a place to call their own.  Sans Bar is a supportive, inclusive environment that welcomes anyone who is sober for the night.

I can’t afford the cover, but I really want to party sober

No problem. Just send us an email and we will work with you. Sans Bar is fortunate to have a few generous supporters who donate a limited amount of money to help those in need. We never want to turn anyone away, so please email ​​ for help.

Stay Social.Stay SOBER