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We are sans bar

We are a growing group of average people who recognize that life can be fun without alcohol.  We are sober, we are on the move, and we believe that real connection happens when people are sober.  We want to create a space that is free of alcohol and welcoming to all.  We believe that the best version of anyone’s life includes healthy socialization, helping others, and taking care of both mind and body.  Sans Bar is composed of people who want to change themselves and the world around them.  We believe positive change can happen in the smallest ways, and still yield tremendous impact.

Do you support sober fun and want to perform at our upcoming events?

We’re looking for Musicians, Comedians, Motivational Speakers, and Filmmakers to entertain our guests.  We want to hear from you!




To provide a safe and sober environment for people to have fun while promoting personal and social wellness.


Struggling to Stay Sober?

Call: (281)-545-SANS