If the idea of a sober bar inspires you, then lets talk.  Sans Bar is making history today, and our vision is to build a model of success and branch beyond Austin.  Here are some of our current volunteer needs:

Greeters/Preppers:  You aren’t shy, and you have been known to dance for no reason at all.  If this sounds like you, fill out the form below.  We need people out front to help with parking, welcoming guests, and getting the party started!

Influencers/Promoters:  The best advertisement is word of mouth.  We will be happy to connect with you and have you grow our community on social media.  If you just want to shout from the rooftop about the wonderful work we are doing fill out the form below.  Please don’t shout from a rooftop though, that’s dangerous.

Franchise/Affiliates: Want a Sans Bar near you? We are currently in talks with several groups across the country who want to bring Sans Bar to their hometowns.  If you want to join the movement, we can get you started and share our secrets of success with you.  Our team can show you how to build a Sans Bar with little startup costs.

Investors/Donors:  We only get what we ask for right?  You’ve read through our website and you want to back the bar.  We are looking for a group or individuals to fund both our popups and our brick and mortar. Donations with reward levels can be made at https://www.betterunite.com/sansbar.  Invest in our vision and our team will work to produce a hearty ROI.  Financials are available upon request.  To clarify, Sans Bar LLC is not a non profit.  Thank you in advance.

Want to help? Contact Us Today