Everyone’s sober now. Even if … they drink a little?

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Sans Bar Where you are

By: Bright Lights & Dark Delusions

Listen in as we speak with the SANS BAR founder Chris Marshall. Chris talks about his mission for creating a safe and inviting atmosphere for those who are interested in having sober fun. He touches on upcoming events and the EXCITING U.S. Tour of 2019. With our guest co-host Blythe, we were so honored to chit chat with Chris! MY QUESTION FOR YOU is…are you ready to SANS where you are?

The Sobriety Collective

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Meet Chris Marshall, founder of The Sans Bar, Austin, TX’s first sober bar. Stay social, stay sober with that #mocktailLife!


Recovery Happy Hour Podcast

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Episode #15

Addiction Unlimited

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Chris Marshall.  I came across Sans Bar in Austin, TX and was immediately intrigued. A sober bar. I thought it was a bar for sober people. But what Chris has brought to the table is so much more! This is a person who is passionate about the product and service he provides, and he is mindful how he does it.

Hear his fascinating take on the ‘Sobriety Spectrum’, who is showing up at Sans Bar, and what they are serving. It is definitely more than I expected! – Angela (Addiction Unlimited)